Is Python 3.14 Released?

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Python 3.13 is was released on 10th October 2023

Meet Python 3.14

  • Enhanced error locations in tracebacks
  • Column information for code objects
  • Asynchronous comprehensions
  • A TypeError is now raised instead of an AttributeError
  • Special methods complex.__complex__()
  • siphash13 is added


You can check the version of Python you are using by running the command
python --version
in your terminal.

About Python

Python is an interpreted high-level general-purpose programming language.Python is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, beginner languages nowadays. It attracts data science students, aspiring young programmers, and bot developers because of its simplicity and high capabilities. There have been endless highly accessible courses released about the language, which in turn has only increased its popularity. Python is free and open-source, which results in a community that constantly develops libraries to amplify Python’s functionalities. Popular libraries include pandas for data analysis or NumPy for mathematics and machine learning applications. Python has a simple syntax, but some people might struggle when learning another language after Python because of the lack of indentation, which is one of the main characteristics of Python.

Python has endless applications, mainly because of the huge amounts of libraries being developed, but it is a prominent language in machine learning, data scraping, analysis, and visualization. Python also can be used to program games, such as Civilization IV, mostly made in this language. The language has also been very successfully used in media edition software, as well as 3D modeling and CAD software. These kinds of software are generally more stable in Python than similar applications in different languages. University students in areas other than computer science often have Python as their main tool, because of its versatility with quantitative analysis and mathematical capabilities when adding libraries.

Python is extremely interesting and useful in its format and syntax. Python is synonymous with readability and syntax, it flows very similar to how our brain thinks in English. It is simple to debug and understand code that you or others wrote. Python adds to its simplicity with the fact that it is a high-level system, meaning that the programmer does not need to do memory management or any of these tasks, entirely automated by the system. Python is both functional and object-oriented, which adds to its flexibility. As a fun fact, Raspberry Pi runs on Python, as Python itself is based on C, which is another language that the Raspberry Pi offers. This opens up your possibilities to program real-life robots and other interesting stuff that can be useful and engaging for programmers of all ages and experience levels.

Python is currently in its 3.9.5 version, in May of 2021. The previous version was released in April of the same year.